Free embroidery designs and lessons

Free embroidery designs are a great way to learn hand embroidery.

Free patterns can be found on this site for all sorts of needlework techniques, including...

Something for everyone...and more are added regularly.

Free blackwork patterns

It is possible to create intricate patterns using a single colour of thread
with these free embroidery designs for blackwork.

Cross stitch freebies

Counted cross stitch is simple but like anything new, clear instructions and tips can help you get started.

Surface embroidery (not counted)

Hardanger Embroidery 

A complete free mini course for you in these free embroidery patterns in hardanger.

Lesson 1 in Hardanger needlework - a pretty diamond shaped design that introduces Kloster blocks, cutting, needleweaving and square filling stitch.

Lesson 2 - is a square design that teaches you fancy Kloster blocks, wrapped bars and doves eyes.

Lesson 3 is a bookmark. You will learn eyelets and buttonhole stitch edging here.

Lesson 4 Hardanger instructions include four side stitch and a spiders web filling.

Lesson 5 on hemstitch shows a different way to finish off the edges of your Hardanger projects

Lesson 6 is a sweet Hardanger Christmas card

hardanger bookmark freebie

Free embroidery patterns for whitework

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