Needlework Finishing Techniques:
Add the Perfect Final Touch to Your Embroidery Projects

Stitching completed? Looking for ideas for needlework finishing techniques?

You may have had something in mind before you started stitching, but if not, perhaps this page will give you some ideas. 

framing cross stitch

It is such a shame to stuff your needlework project into a drawer and leave it there, where no one can see, admire or enjoy it.

There are so many choices you can make when it comes to finishing your needlework. Is it going to be framed and hung on a wall? Made into something useful? Given as a gift?

All good needlework finishing techniques start here!

Whichever choice you make the first step is often cleaning your stitched piece. Dirt and grease from your hands can transfer onto the fabric during the stitching process, hoops can leave marks or the piece might just need freshening up. Let me share my methods for washing needlework and you can join me in my "happy dance".

Don't panic if your work is stained, check my stain removal tips for something that might help rescue it.


How to frame needlework

Once your work is washed the next step may be to frame it. Learn how to stretch your work the easy way ready for framing.

Decorate your home with your stitching

Handy with a sewing machine? Or like hand sewing? Making something useful is a great way of finishing your needlework. After all we only have so much wall space for pictures, don't we?

blackwork pillow

As needleworkers we all need pincushions, needlecases and scissor fobs.

Cushions or pillows can add a touch of colour to your living areas, or luxury to your bedroom.

Doileys, mats and runners also add that special touch to your table or bedside cabinet.

A neat hemstitched edge can be the perfect finishing touch.

aperture card

Finish your cross stitch designs as ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Mark your page with a special bookmark in either blackwork (with a fringe) or hardanger with a buttonhole stitched edge.

Mount your work in an aperture card to give to a loved one on their birthday, or try Rachel's way of making a different sort of card.

I am sure you will come up with many more ideas.

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