A diagonal 4 sided stitch band
completes our whitework sampler

We are going to use 4 sided stitch, worked diagonally for this band of our whitework sampler.

The stitch can also be worked in a horizontal or vertical manner as explained on my other four sided stitch page

I hope you have enjoyed stitching along with me on this sampler.  If you have only just discovered this project you might like to use the links at the bottom of the page to navigate to the first page of instructions.

4 sided stitch row of the pulled work band sampler

The zig-zag line in the diagram below is the section of chart we will be stitching.

The triangle row at the top of the chart is part of the previous band, included to help show you where this band is positioned on our sampler. To download a clearer chart in PDF format, please click on the picture.

chart to follow for 4 sided stitch band

This band is stitched with perle 8 thread in white or ecru (depending on the colour of your fabric). We will put tension on the stitches to form tiny holes in each corner of the stitch.

Each stitch is worked over 3 fabric threads as shown in the diagram below. Work each stitch in the direction shown by the arrows. This will form the squares on the front, and crosses on the back of the work.

instruction diagram for 4 sided stitch


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