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Apr 16, 2021

Whitework embroidery stitches

Learn how to do whitework embroidery stitches with Carol Leather. Here we cover cobbler stitch used in pulled thread embroidery (also known as drawn fabric)

Continue reading "Whitework embroidery stitches "

Apr 16, 2021

Free pulled work embroidery lesson

Try pulled work, (also known as pulled thread embroidery or drawn fabric) by stitching this simple free pulled work pattern with full step by step instructions and stitch diagrams

Continue reading "Free pulled work embroidery lesson"

Apr 16, 2021

Four sided stitch instructions

Learn how to work four sided stitch, for pulled work or hardanger embroidery, both horizontally and vertically

Continue reading "Four sided stitch instructions "

Apr 15, 2021

An introduction to blackwork embroidery

Learn how to do blackwork embroidery? Find instructions, patterns and ideas for this, and lots of other types of needlework

Continue reading "An introduction to blackwork embroidery"

Apr 15, 2021

Washing cross stitch projects

Tips and techniques for washing cross stitch, blackwork and hardanger needlework projects before framing

Continue reading "Washing cross stitch projects"

Apr 06, 2021

Blanket stitch - for more than bed covers

How to do blanket stitch - instructions for working in the hand or on a hoop

Continue reading "Blanket stitch - for more than bed covers"

Apr 01, 2021

Wallington Northumberland - virtual tour of the needlework collection

Wallington Northumberland offers a feast for the eyes of any avid needleworker. Come for a virtual tour with me.

Continue reading "Wallington Northumberland - virtual tour of the needlework collection"

Apr 01, 2021

Woven picots make wonderful embroidered leaves!

Needle woven picots make wonderful leaves for your embroidered flowers or fruits

Continue reading "Woven picots make wonderful embroidered leaves!"

Apr 01, 2021

Stumpwork tutorial - bunny in a basket

This cute little bunny in a basket will help you learn the basics of stumpwork embroidery. Step by step instructions and photographs

Continue reading "Stumpwork tutorial - bunny in a basket"

Apr 01, 2021

An introduction to Needlepoint

Needlepoint or canvaswork is a popular craft. Learn more about it, what it is and how to do it

Continue reading "An introduction to Needlepoint"

Apr 01, 2021

How to embroider by hand

Let me help you learn how to embroider, with step by steps and free designs to start you off.

Continue reading "How to embroider by hand"

Apr 01, 2021

Embroidery needles - which ones do you need for what job?

With so many different needlework techniques to choose from on this site, how do you know which embroidery needles you need? Let me help...

Continue reading "Embroidery needles - which ones do you need for what job?"

Mar 29, 2021

Lazy daisy stitch strawberry

Stitch a cute little strawberry using lazy daisy stitch (or detached chain stitch). This one has pride of place on my summer strawberries crazy quilt block

Continue reading "Lazy daisy stitch strawberry"

Mar 29, 2021

Cretan stitch - are you making this mistake?

Have trouble embroidering Cretan stitch? Step by step photos will teach you how!

Continue reading "Cretan stitch - are you making this mistake?"

Mar 29, 2021

Free Bargello design - Christmas bell

This free bargello needlepoint pattern of a Christmas bell is quick and easy to stitch and will introduce you to the techniques of bargello also known as florentine embroidery

Continue reading "Free Bargello design - Christmas bell"

Mar 29, 2021

Picking the right needlepoint canvas for the job

How to pick the right needlepoint canvas. Learn about mono or double. Interlock or plastic. What are the benefits of each type of canvas?

Continue reading "Picking the right needlepoint canvas for the job"

Mar 29, 2021

Tent stitch and its variations in needlepoint

Your guide to the various types of tent stitch including half cross, continental and basketweave needlepoint stitch. Diagrams for how to work each variation

Continue reading "Tent stitch and its variations in needlepoint"

Mar 29, 2021

Leaf stitch

Leaf Stitch is a fancy needlepoint stitch ideal for larger areas. Try out these variations in your next project.

Continue reading "Leaf stitch"

Mar 29, 2021

Gobelin stitch and its variations

Gobelin stitch can be varied in length and position to create many variations. Stitched examples show you the possibilites

Continue reading "Gobelin stitch and its variations"

Mar 29, 2021

Rice stitch - an easy needlepoint stitch to learn

Try Rice Stitch - one of the simple needlepoint stitches that you can use to give many different effects

Continue reading "Rice stitch - an easy needlepoint stitch to learn"

Mar 29, 2021

Rhodes stitch instructions and variations

Learn how to stitch rhodes stitch and its variations. Photos and diagrams show how its done and what it looks like in various threads

Continue reading "Rhodes stitch instructions and variations"

Mar 29, 2021

Colonial knot or French knot?

Learn the difference between a Colonial Knot and a French Knot stitch in embroidery

Continue reading "Colonial knot or French knot?"

Mar 28, 2021

Cross stitch calculator

Use this handy cross stitch calculator to see how big your design will be when stitched on a different fabric count

Continue reading "Cross stitch calculator "

Mar 28, 2021

Cross stitch owls and other birds

Stitch mini cross stitch owls and other birds from this pattern ebook

Continue reading "Cross stitch owls and other birds"

Mar 25, 2021

Embroidery fabric - which one do you need for different techniques?

A guide to choosing embroidery fabric for counted thread embroidery. Including Aida, evenweave and Linen cross stitch fabrics for purchase

Continue reading "Embroidery fabric - which one do you need for different techniques?"

Mar 24, 2021

A beginner guide to hardanger embroidery

Part 2 of the free beginner guide to hardanger embroidery. Learn fancy kloster blocks, wrapped bars and doves eyes.

Continue reading "A beginner guide to hardanger embroidery"

Mar 24, 2021

Hardanger needlework course- lesson one

Start your hardanger needlework course here. Learn hardanger over a series of step by step lessons using my free patterns

Continue reading "Hardanger needlework course- lesson one"

Mar 24, 2021

Learn hardanger embroidery in easy step-by-step stages

Let us help you learn hardanger embroidery step by step. Stitch our free hardanger patterns with full instructions with this series of lessons

Continue reading "Learn hardanger embroidery in easy step-by-step stages"

Mar 24, 2021

Embroidery floss and how to use it

Tips for how to use embroidery floss, including separating strands, how many strands to stitch with, starting and finishing off

Continue reading "Embroidery floss and how to use it"

Mar 24, 2021

Learn stem stitch and variations

This stem stitch tutorial covers the basic stitch, raised stem and portuguese knotted stem. Videos explain how to work the stitches.

Continue reading "Learn stem stitch and variations"

Mar 24, 2021

Feather stitch and variations

Learn how to embroider feather stitch, with diagrams and video

Continue reading "Feather stitch and variations"

Mar 21, 2021

Embroidery hoops - all you ever wanted to know!

Are embroidery hoops essential? How do you use them and which are the best - metal or wooden embroidery hoops? Read on to find out...

Continue reading "Embroidery hoops - all you ever wanted to know!"

Mar 21, 2021

Embroidery scissors for your workbox

The best embroidery scissors to have in your workbox

Continue reading "Embroidery scissors for your workbox"

Mar 21, 2021

Using rayon embroidery thread

Rayon embroidery thread can add shine to your work. Some tips for using rayon fibres in your stitching

Continue reading "Using rayon embroidery thread"

Mar 21, 2021

Cross stitch is simple and fun

Find the answers to your cross stitch questions while learning all there is to know about this counted needlework technique.

Continue reading "Cross stitch is simple and fun"

Mar 21, 2021

This free assisi pattern will help you learn the technique

Learn long armed cross stitch whilst working this free assisi pattern.

Continue reading "This free assisi pattern will help you learn the technique"

Mar 21, 2021

Using a laying tool

Instructions for using a laying tool (or trolley needle) to produce embroidery stitches that lay neatly side by side

Continue reading "Using a laying tool"

Mar 21, 2021

Cross stitch graph paper

Using cross stitch graph paper is an economic way to design your own patterns

Continue reading "Cross stitch graph paper"

Mar 21, 2021

Magnifying lamps for embroidery

Magnifying lamps and how to choose them. What magnification do you need?

Continue reading "Magnifying lamps for embroidery"

Mar 21, 2021

Counted Cross Stitch - using linen and evenweave fabrics

Counted cross stitch tutorial for working on linen or evenweave fabrics

Continue reading "Counted Cross Stitch - using linen and evenweave fabrics"

Mar 21, 2021

Crazy quilt embroidery - unleash your creativity

Tried crazy quilt embroidery yet? Simple stitches are used to decorate this traditional needlework to stunning effect.

Continue reading "Crazy quilt embroidery - unleash your creativity"

Mar 21, 2021

Piecing a Crazy Quilt Block

Join me, as I make a crazy quilt block - step by step photos showing how to foundation piece your crazy quilt with flip and stitch

Continue reading "Piecing a Crazy Quilt Block"

Mar 21, 2021

Your crazy quilt project - Show and Tell

A place to showcase your own crazy quilt projects. Chat with other stitchers about their crazy quilt blocks and share pictures of your latest project.

Continue reading "Your crazy quilt project - Show and Tell"

Mar 21, 2021

Cross stitch freebies - ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas

There has to be a turkey among my christmas and thanksgiving cross stitch freebies! Here he is, standing proud

Continue reading "Cross stitch freebies - ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas"

Mar 21, 2021

Reversible cross stitch

A guide to reversible cross stitch. One of a number of cross stitch methods which gives your cross stitch a neat back

Continue reading "Reversible cross stitch"

Mar 21, 2021

Cross stitch on waste canvas

Cross stitch on waste canvas can open up all sorts of ideas and projects such as stitching on your clothes. Learn how its done.

Continue reading "Cross stitch on waste canvas"

Mar 21, 2021

About me, needlework and this site

Join me and read, or listen, to my story about me and my love of needlework. Find out how I ended up doing something I love and earning money too

Continue reading "About me, needlework and this site"

Mar 20, 2021

Needlepoint Threads and Mesh Size

I'm Leslie and my favorite canvas to use is 10 mesh or 12 mesh mono needlepoint canvas. I know that today, those sizes are not the most popular. I also

Continue reading "Needlepoint Threads and Mesh Size"

Mar 18, 2021

The History of Embroidery - part 1

The history of Embroidery from Anglo Saxon to the 20th Century

Continue reading "The History of Embroidery - part 1"

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