An introduction to Needlepoint

There is more to needlepoint than printed canvases and half cross stitch, but this is the introduction that many of us remember, I am sure.

I know I do. My first pieces had many beginner mistakes - like not working on a frame and ending up with a skewed piece of work.  But with practice and a little curiosity I moved on to more interesting projects and achieved better results. 

I learned that the term tapestry was really describing something else entirely - and that it was woven not stitched.

In the 1970s I played with bargello patterns, also known as florentine work, a form of needlepoint that is making a comeback. 

I visited stately homes throughout the UK and marvelled over the exquisite items that had been stitched in the past, such as the chair photographed at Arlington Court

I experimented with textured fibers and stitches. I tried out different canvas types and sizes, from tiny silk gauze, stiff plastic canvas, up to 3 stitches to the inch rug canvas. 

I came to understand that needlepoint encompassed a vast array of possibilities! I would love to share that experience with you through the pages of this site. 

If you are eager to jump straight in, why not try these two free patterns straight away.

Free patterns

For something a little bigger check out my Textures to Dye For range of needlepoint patterns


What supplies will you need?

Enjoyed those freebies? If you are interested in taking it further, let's look at what you will need. Maybe one day you will then be ready to take on a monumental task such as the panels I photograhed at Wallington House in Northumberland shown below!

Canvas - in different mesh sizes

Tapestry needles - which are blunt with a big eye

Fibers of various types (including rayon)

Frame to hold the project taut while you work

Scissors - large for cutting canvas and small for snipping fiber ends

Laying tool - for helping you achieve smooth stitches (optional)

Simple needlepoint stitches

Choosing needlepoint stitches

Gobelin stitch - simple to work, with many variations

Leaf stitch - A fancy textured stitch

Rice stitch - also known as crossed corners

Rhodes - large and bumpy

Scotch stitch - a square stitch which can vary in size

Tent stitch and its variations - continental and basketweave

Velvet stitch - which makes wonderful fur

What can you use it for?

Needlepoint creates attractive, hardwearing, useful items, that can become family heirlooms. Here is a quick list of some of uses it can be put to...




Book covers

Church kneelers

Cushions (pillows)

Chair covers

Dog collars

Doll house carpets

Door stops






Needlepoint Kits


Do you have a question about Needlepoint?

If you can't find the answer to a question about needlepoint then why not ask it here? Other visitors to the site might be able to help you.

Or perhaps you have a tip you wish to pass on. This section is for you to interact with other needlepointers, create you own page and help others.

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