Free Celtic embroidery bookmark pattern

If you're a fan of Celtic embroidery, you'll love this free blackwork bookmark pattern. It's easy to stitch and looks great with black floss and gold metallic thread.

The pattern is worked in double running stitch. It will look the same on the back as it does on the front, if you do not add the cross stitches. 

I've included instructions for creating a fringed edge. 

This bookmark makes a great gift or a quick project for yourself. You can also use the pattern to create a Celtic embroidery border on other items, like curtains or pillows.

What will you need?

Notes for following the pattern

Click here for the free celtic embroidery bookmark pattern. 

Stitch over two fabric threads, using one strand of floss for the double running stitch and two strands for the cross stitch. 

Making the fringe

After completing the cross stitch around the edge, trim the fabric to your desired fringe length. Then using the eye end of your needle, pull out the unwanted threads. 

With no backing needed, and no hem, this bookmark is super slim and fits easily between the pages of your book.

If you would prefer the back to be covered, place a piece of felt behind the work and stitch the cross stitches through both the evenweave and felt. Then trim away the felt before creating the fringe. As it is non-woven, it will not fray.

Other uses for the pattern

The pattern consists of four repeated square motifs. These could be rearranged in 2 rows of two to form a larger square. This would make a sweet pincushion or the front of a needlebook. 

Althernatively, you could stitch a single square on 32 count fabric and make it up into a miniature cushion for a doll house. Check my blackwork samplers page for another design which could be used in the same way. 

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