Blackwork Embroidery Patterns

Carol Leather's blackwork embroidery patterns are released under the name X-Calibre. They are diverse in both subject matter and design size. Whether you are looking for small and cute, elaborate show stoppers or delicately shaded flowers or animals, there is something here for you. 

The images on this page are linked to all the designs in that particular range. 

The blackwork embroidery patterns are available to purchase and download immediately in PDF format. You will also find details of kits for these designs further down the page. 

Blackwork kits for beginners

Blackwork Beginners

Choose from a cute little owl,
a rocking horse or a rabbit

Blackwork Flowers

Floral portraits of a rose,
fuchsia, waterlily, bellpull and irises

Christmas angel coaster in blackwork
Blackwork cats needlecase

Christmas Designs

A set of four coasters and a
pretty blackwork star are all easy to stitch

Blackwork Assisi Style

These blackwork cats, dogs and swans
replicate the Assisi work technique

Japanese lady in blackwork
Pearl art deco lady in blackwork

Oriental Ladies

Elegant Japanese ladies in coloured blackwork

Blackwork Figures

Figures from the 1800s to 1950s including PearlCoral, pretty ballerina Swan Lake and a mermaid

Bull elephant in blackwork

Blackwork Animals

Portraits of an African Elephant,
Rhino,  Barnacle GooseRed Rooster and an Oriental Dragon

Medieval Blackwork

A knight and his lady are an ideal introduction to larger blackwork embroidery patterns

Blackwork rose sampler cushion
Wisdom - fleur de lis in blackwork

Samplers and Pillows

Charts ranging from a large chessboard
to a small pincushion and pillows 

Fleur De Lis

3 styles of Fleur de Lis
stitched in purple and gold 


Two blackwork designs and two cross stitch on the theme of crafts people

The Mischiefs

Mischief the cat and his antics in the sewing room, store and garden will amuse you

Blackwork red butterfly
Blackwork windmill in blues

Weekenders Range

Small butterfly, snail, tortoise, flower and
Clarice Cliff style landscape designs

Windmill Blackwork
Embroidery Patterns

 Three traditional windmills stitched
in blue and silver

Looking for blackwork kits?

Each of the blackwork embroidery patterns in Carol's range are also available as complete kits, which include all the materials needed to stitch them. A printed chart will be found in the kit so there is no need to also purchase the downloadable file. 

You can choose to stitch on either 14 count Aida or 28 count evenweave fabric. DMC stranded embroidery threads and needle are included.  Some kits use seed beads and metallic threads which are also provided.

My manufacturer is currently revamping her web site, but will be offering these online very soon. I will add her address and contact details as soon as possible.

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