Blackwork Embroidery Patterns:
From Simple to Sophisticated, Find Your Perfect Design

Welcome to the world of blackwork designs! In blackwork, intricate patterns come together to create beautiful and meaningful designs. Each design is more than just a collection of lines and patterns – it carries a story within its stitches.

I believe that every design is a narrative, a journey from inspiration to a tangible piece of art. I want to share this journey with you, to invite you into the creative process behind each design. By understanding the stories and reasons behind the designs, you can create a deeper connection with the piece you're stitching.

My designs draw inspiration from various sources. Some are inspired by the intricate geometries found in nature, while others reflect cultural traditions. There are also designs born out of personal experiences. I take the time to unravel the tale behind each design, exploring the nuances of the creative process..

I want to highlight the unique features that make each design special, and share the larger purpose or message that the design aims to convey. By delving into these details, you can truly appreciate the thought and intention behind each design.

But it doesn't stop there. I see you, the stitcher, as an essential part of the narrative. When you choose a design, you're not just selecting a pattern to stitch – you're choosing a story to continue. You interpret and express that story through your unique stitching style. Your creativity brings the design to life.

So, as you browse through my blackwork designs, I invite you to delve into their stories. Let them inspire you, resonate with you, and spark your creativity. When you find a design that speaks to you, remember that you're not just purchasing a pattern. You're embarking on a new stitching adventure, enriched by the story that lies within the threads.

Happy stitching!

Blackwork for beginners book

Blackwork for beginners ebook

If you are new to blackwork embroidery then this ebook was written with you in mind. It covers the basics and includes eight small patterns to get you started.

Blackwork kits for beginners

Blackwork Beginners

Cute, simple charts with coloured guidelines to help the beginner learn the basics. Choose from an owl, rocking horse or rabbit.

Blackwork red butterfly


Here you will find a mix of smaller designs. A butterfly, snail, tortoise, and Clarice Cliff style landscape designs that are quick and easy to stitch. There is also a flower that is worked in reverse (white on black).

Blackwork flower designs include this lovely waterlily.

Blackwork flowers

Start simple with the rose, irises or bellpull.

Then learn blackwork shading techniques by tackling the fuchsia and waterlilly.

Bull elephant in blackwork

Blackwork animals

Pick a simple rooster or oriental dragon. 

Or expand your skills with a shaded elephant or rhino. 

The barnacle goose will introduce you to designs without an outline. 

Japanese lady in blackwork

Oriental blackwork

Take a trip to Japan for this pair of beauties. They incorporate metallic threads and beads. 

Empty areas add to the designs while making them quick to stitch despite the larger design size. 

Pearl art deco lady in blackwork

Blackwork figures

Best Sellers!

Figures from the 20s and 30s include Pearl, Coral, and Jasper,

Then we have Sophie and Georgina from very different eras. 

Completing this section are a ballerina stitched in white and Marina the mermaid

Blackwork cats needlecase

Blackwork Assisi style

These cats, dogs and swans
replicate the Assisi work technique but with a twist. They can be made up into needlecases or framed.

First published in Classic Stitches magazine.

The blackwork knight and his lady make stunning projects to stitch

Medieval designs

A knight and his lady, Gwendoline, are an ideal introduction to larger blackwork patterns - they include metallic thread and beads.

Blackwork rose sampler cushion

Samplers and pillows

Blackwork designs ranging from a large chessboard to a small pincushion and pillows in traditional black or colour can be found on this page.

A lady at her bobbin lace pillow, stitched in blackwork embroidery


There are four designs in total, three of them are blackwork with a little cross stitch, and the other is just cross stitch. The theme of these designs is craftspeople.

Mischief the cat features in this range of blackwork embroidery patterns

The Mischiefs

Enjoy the amusing antics of Mischief the cat in the sewing room, store, and garden. Explore a mix of blackwork and cross stitch.

Wisdom - fleur de lis in blackwork

Fleur de lis

3 styles of Fleur de Lis stitched in purple and gold threads. Simple but stylish.

Blackwork windmill in blues


Three traditional styles of windmills stitched in blue and silver - quick and easy to stitch.

Christmas angel coaster in blackwork

Christmas designs

This set of four festive coasters along with a pretty blackwork star, are all easy to stitch for the holiday season.

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