Diamond eyelet stitch and
double backstitch leaves

Welcome to the fourth band in my complimentary whitework embroidery sampler. If you have just discovered the site, and this Stitchalong then don't worry, you can access the previous bands by clicking on the links at the end of this page.

As you can see from the photograph below, we make this band from individual pulled work motifs. We have a diamond eyelet in the centre with the leaves on each side worked in a double back stitch variation.

I often use the diamond eyelet in Hardanger designs along with other forms of whitework. 

You can click to download the chart for this band here. I have included the bottom row of Satin stitch from the previous row to help you with placement.

Instructions for diamond eyelet stitch

We are going to leave 6 clear fabric threads below the third band. Work the eyelet in the center of the row, covering 16 fabric threads. Each stitch will start on the outside of the shape by taking the needle down in the centre, pulling towards the outside to enlarge the hole in the middle.

It is always best to start an eyelet 1 stitch away from a vertical or horizontal stitch. Follow the diagram below, coming up at the number and going down in the centre. Pull firmly. To fasten off, pull the last stitch towards the centre and slip the needle behind the stitches at the bottom right of the stitch a few times to secure.


Double back stitch leaves

We will start off at the point of the leaf and by alternating our stitches on either side. Then we will change to working from one side to the center, to create the vein. After working up the other side of the vein, we will then complete the leaf.

Follow the numbering on the diagram below carefully.

Keep a reasonable tension on the thread, in order to make the outline and vein show up, and to pack the fabric threads close together inside the leaf shape. The contrast of solid stitches in the eyelet and solid fabric in the leaves creates an interesting counter balance.

To work the leaf on the other side of the diamond eyelet stitch, turn either your work or the diagram upside down (of course you will need to print this page in order to do the latter).

In the next part of this sampler we will work a band using two more new pulled thread embroidery stitches.

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