Embroidery and cross stitch videos

You will find embroidery and cross stitch videos scattered throughout the site. 

I find that many people learn a new skill best by watching someone else, rather than reading about it. 

This page will link to all the videos, and will be updated each time I add a new one, making it easier for you to find them.

Let's start at the beginning. The links will take you to the right page, then you may need to scroll down to see the video.

Beginners videos

Cross stitch fabric counts - this video explains what is meant by the "count" of an evenly woven fabric. It shows the different sizes of Aida fabric and how they will affect your finished design size.

Using an embroidery hoop - This video shows you how to put your fabric in a hoop in order to keep it taught while you stitch.

Separating one strand of floss - Embroidery floss come in a skein of 6 strands, which need separating before you stitch with them. It is easy to get tangled up, so this video shows you a quick and simple method to keep things under control.

Embroidery Stitches

Counted cross stitch - The first of my cross stitch videos, ideal for total beginners to the craft..

Double running stitch - A reversible stitch often used in blackwork embroidery. It is super easy to work, but some planning is necessary to decide which "route" to follow on the pattern.

Lazy Daisy stitch - Ideal for small flower petals, this stitch is demonstrated with a number of different ideas for use.

Feather stitch - videos for single and double feather stitch

French knots - The ever useful knot stitch, that can be used in so many ways and in many different needlework techniques, is one that many people struggle with. This video will banish the frustration for ever!

Fly stitch - This video will teach you a variety of ways to use fly stitch to create stems, branches and flowers. A very simple but effective stitch.

Stem stitch - A versatile needlework stitch that can be used in counted and freestyle projects. You will often encounter it when doing Redwork embroidery.

Additional Videos

Each time I add a video to the site I will list it on this page, so be sure to bookmark the site and check back regularly.


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