Counted Cross stitch is fun for everyone

Cross stitch is one of the most popular forms of traditional embroidery. 

Check out my free lessons if you are new to the hobby.  Or perhaps you are ready to move on to stitching on linen

Designs range from simple to intricate, so there is something for everyone.

Types of cross stitch

There are two main methods of working.  

  1. Stamped patterns. This may seem like the easiest option as the crosses are marked on the fabric. However, it is important to cover the transferred lines, as they will not wash out.
  2. Counted patterns. Worked from a printed chart, symbols represent the color and positioning of each stitch. The picture will appear on the fabric as you work.

Beginners start here

If the counted version interests you, then read on. This section of the site includes ...

For your Book Shelf

Counted cross stitch on evenweave

Already mastered the basics? Want something a little more challenging? Check out the following pages for more advanced techniques...

I found the craft one lazy summer afternoon many years ago. I bought fabric, cottons, and a pattern for a little angel on the recommendation of the shop owner. She gave me a five minute lesson and after getting my baby daughter to bed that evening, I made a start. The next day I was back for more. Little did know where that simple angel would take me . . .

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Ask your cross stitch questions

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How can I stop the stamped pattern from rubbing off 
I am cross stitching a large baby quilt. The quilt has the pattern stamped on it with blue ink that washes away when the quilt is completed. Unfortunately, …

What is a hank of embroidery thread 
I am a beginner at this cross stitch. I am stumped at the very first pass. What is a hank? There are colors on in the Hank 1 and Hank 2 chart. The …

how to fix a cross stitch when I have miscounted 
I am doing this counted cross stitch. it is of muted green colours which represent soft foilage. I have counted and counted, I think I have old eyes. …

single cross stitch 
How do I start and finish a single cross stitch, without running the floss over an empty area to start another x? That is a great question, Kim. …

How do you finish a cross-stitch afghan 
I'm half-way through making an afghan for my new grand-daughter (using Q snaps for a hoop) and I'm wondering how to finish it when it's done. Should you …

The back of a cross stitch piece 
I love working on the picture, and this is my 5th picture using 50+ colors. My question is what does everyone else's backside look like? I read that …

cross stitch baby quilt 
I am cross stitching a stamped baby quilt. How do I finish my threads and not show at the back of the quilt?

embellished cross stitch 
I've been seeing some cross stitch kits online that say they are embellished. What exactly does that mean?

Complex cross stitch patterns 
I have cross stitched for over 20 years. Most of the things i have done have big areas of one color. I am now doing a very complex pattern where there …

Backing a cross stitched baby quilt  Not rated yet
Hi Carol, I have just discovered your website and find it very useful! Much easier to understand than kit instructions. Currently, I am stitching a stamped …

How many hours stitching per day? Not rated yet
How many hours a day is it alright to embroider? To cross stitch in particular? I get quite carried away sometimes and I know it's not good for back …

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