Counted Cross stitch is fun for everyone

Have you tried counted cross stitch? If not, you have a treat in store. Watching neat little stitches form into a picture on a blank piece of fabric is magical. And you don't need to know how to draw.

But be warned!

Your family will no longer believe you when you state "I'll just finish this petal". Hours later you will still be stitching. One petal looked lonely, so you did the one next to it, and then the next. Before you know it you have finished the first flower and your intention to go to bed early failed.

Want in on this addictive craft? Read on.

Cross Stitch Beginner?

I couldn't possibly get all the details about cross stitch I want to share with you on a single page. Therefore, the links below will guide you around the site so you can find the information you need and get the most out of your new hobby. We begin with the basics and move on to more advanced techniques. 

First a question...

Cross stitch vs embroidery - which is the best technique for you?

How to...

How to find the right beginners kit for you

How to select the right fabric for your project?

How to save money by framing your own cross stitch pictures

Learn to...

Learn to cross stitch

Learn to stitch on your clothing using waste canvas

Learn to embellish your work with beads

Would you like...

Would you like to make your work reversible?

Would you like to wash your finished cross stitch?

Would you like free patterns to get you started?

I found the craft one lazy summer afternoon many years ago. I bought fabric, cottons, and a pattern for a little angel on the shop owner's recommendation. She gave me a five minute lesson and after getting my baby daughter to bed that evening, I made a start on my first cross stitch project. The next day I was back for new patterns. Little did I know at the time about the creative world that simple angel would allow me to enter...

Ready to learn more?

Having trained your family to understand and respect that 5 minutes really means 2 hours, you will have made lots of progress. This should encourage you to take your cross stitch projects further. It's time for the next stage!

Are you...

Are you ready to try evenweave and linen?

Are you having trouble seeing your stitches?

Are you ready to chart your own designs on paper?

Want to progress to using computer software to design patterns?

Want to sell your own designs?

Have you...

Have you mastered fractional stitches?

Have you stitched with rayon?

Have you used a laying tool?

Have you got a stain on your finished piece?

Would you like to...

Would you like to try Assisi work?

Would you like to change the size of your project?

Would you like to ask a question?

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