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Ready to try your first free blackwork pattern as a thank you from me for visiting my site?

You can print this page so you can stitch the design in your comfy chair, but please do not copy it on any other web page.

If you enjoy stitching this, you may like to download my Blackwork for Beginners ebook.

free blackwork pattern

What will you need?

Get prepared

Our Harvest Time design is an example of a blackwork motif. There are no fill patterns to tackle this time around.

We will use a single strand of cotton throughout. If you always have trouble separating strands, check my mini video for a quick, simple way to do it.

If you look at the chart below, you see that we make this pattern from four repeating corner motifs. The top left has different coloured lines and arrows on it which will help you follow the correct "journey", resulting in a reversible piece of work. Please do not use a different colour for each journey, they are there just to act as a guide.

We are going to use double running stitch for this design.

Find the centre of your fabric by folding it in half, both ways, and lightly creasing the centre. If you wish, place your fabric in an embroidery hoop.


Start stitching

Begin your thread by tying a knot then pass the needle through from the front of the work up in a corner somewhere out of the way.

Bring it back through in position to begin at the blue dot (5 fabric threads up and to the left of the centre) on the chart. We will cut this knot off later, when we have some stitches in place in which to anchor the loose thread.

Take your first stitch, over one fabric thread or block, toward the blue arrow (vertically down), then work the following two "blue" stitches. Bring the needle out one hole to the left and using the green lines on the chart as a guide work back towards the blue dot, filling in the gaps you left earlier.

In the same manner create the mirror image toward the black arrow. You should end up one hole away from the blue dot.

Work the blue diagonal stitch then branch off, again following the blue-coloured stitches and arrow on the chart. Return using the green stitches to end up at the centre line of the motif again. Repeat as before to stitch the bottom left section of the design.

Travel up the stem to the bottom of the leaf, this time following the purple lines and arrows. Work your way around the outside of the leaf in a counterclockwise direction. Make the return journey filling in the gaps to create a solid leaf outline.

Work each vein moving away from the central vein, then back again. Finally, bring the thread back down to the blue dot and fill in the gaps off the main diagonal leaf vein.

Turn your work

Turn your chart one quarter turn and to work the next corner of your free blackwork pattern.

I hope you have enjoyed stitching Harvest Time.

You might be interested in my next lesson on pattern darning. This adapts the pattern you have just learned and adds a border.

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