Baby cross stitch patterns

Does news of a new baby have you scrambling through your baby cross stitch patterns looking for something different to stitch for the newcomer?

Now you can find out what gender the baby is before birth, you don't even need to wait until it is born before starting to stitch! Add the baby's details, stitch a matching card and your gift can be ready almost as soon as the mother and baby are home from hospital.

My first attempt at designing was to create motifs for my daughter's cross stitch baby sampler. As she was no longer a baby, in fact she was already at school, I wanted to add things that were important to her, including her pet rabbit. Danny was a Blue Dutch and I couldn't find a pattern of that type of bunny anywhere, so decided to create my own. It was at this point that I realized I loved the design process as much as I did the stitching.

I started to experiment with different colors and shapes, trying to create something unique and eye-catching. I found myself spending hours sketching and refining my designs, losing track of time as I became completely absorbed in the creative process. It was a wonderful feeling to see my ideas come to life on paper, and even more satisfying when I stitched them onto fabric. Soon, I was creating designs not just for my daughter's sampler, but for friends and family too. And that's how my hobby turned into a passion for design.

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Welcome Baby Sampler

Size: 7.5 x 13.25 inches
on 14 count

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Baby cross stitch patterns often feature cute teddies and other soft toys, cradles, baby paraphernalia such as bibs and baby bottles, dummies or pacifiers (depending on where you live), rattles, A B C's, a baby itself, blocks, a stork, rocking horses and perhaps a Noah's Ark. Plenty of motifs to choose from.

I like to keep in mind that the child is not going to be a baby for long and may not appreciate bibs and bootees when he or she is school age.

However, a teddy bear is often a child's favourite toy for many years, and even girls can enjoy a ride on a rocking horse pretending to rope cattle on a ranch. So I featured both of these toys on this lace look baby sampler which can be supplied with pink, blue or lilac threads. 

Worked in whole cross stitch and backstitch this is one of those quick to stitch baby cross stitch patterns.

Downloadable Chart £4.00

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Rocking Horse

Perfect for a card or gift for a new baby. Stitch this rocking horse in blue or pink threads with gold or silver accents.

The pattern is easy to follow, even for beginners. The finished picture will make a lovely addition to any nursery or child's room. Or you could even stitch it on clothing using waste canvas.

Design size: 4 x 4 inches

Downloadable chart £2.25

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