When do you embroider a crazy quilt?

by Lila

I have been working on piecing a crazy quilt. Now it is completely pieced and my quilt top is complete. I am confused about whether to baste my quilt and then do my embroidery through all the layers, including the batting, or if the embroidery is just for looks and you do it before basting the quilt.

I would love any advice you have.


Carol answers...

The embroidery on a crazy quilt block is normally done before you add the backing fabric and/or batting, Lila. (Actually many of the old quilts done in this style did not have batting inside them.)

Embroidery is usually carried out along the seams between each patch, and also can be used in the center of the patches, for decoration.

I hope this helps.


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Apr 12, 2021
thank you
by: Anonymous

thanks for your help now I can get embroidering

lots of fun.

Mar 26, 2019
I need help!
by: Jo Ann

I have an embordered quilt top finished and have the batting and backing in place. It has striping between squares. How can I quilt it?? I thought about just doing little areas in each block then along the striping seams. wish I had seen your page first!! Can you give me any ideas??

Jan 01, 2013
Embroidering blocks
by: Michy

It is much easier to do your embroidery in sections before assembling the whole top. Then do the seam embellishments as you assemble the blocks working from the inside of the quilt top toward the outer edge.

Or sometimes I will embroider each block with the embroidery and other embellishments I am going to add. Then when I have enough done, I sew them together into the length I need. Then when I finish another row of blocks, I sew them together and do the long seam stitching. That way you are not trying to gather up and reach far to try to do your embroidery. Make it a "stitch as you go" practice.

To make seams more invisible, I sometimes make blocks with pieces of fabric hanging off the edge of the backing fabric. I then sew that block to the block that is going to go next to it holding the flap out of the seam and hand stitch down the "flap" from the one block onto the other block. It makes it look like it is one large block, and if you do this for each block it really helps disguise the square seams.

I don't machine stitch my blocks except to join two blocks together. I hand stitch each piece of fabric to the backing using the embroidery stitch that I want to use. This way I can fold under a seam allowance but just butt the two pieces together with decorative stitching. It saves a lot of time stitching only once.

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