Blackwork and cross stitch lacemakers

Some designs work well in both blackwork and cross stitch, as the lacemakers on this page show. 

If you haven't tried blackwork before you might find my beginners blackwork e-book helpful to teach you the basics. 

The Lacemaker

Design size: 5.9 x 3.6 inches

Downloadable Chart - £2.25

The cross stitch lacemaker was originally designed for the National Christmas Lacemakers Fair, held in Birmingham each year. I arrived on day one with boxes of kits and returned home with none!

I took even more with me on day two, and not only did all those fly off the stand as well, but I took orders for more. 

Whole cross stitches make her easy to work and being relatively small she is a good project for a beginner to the craft. 

Blackwork Lacemaker

Design size: 6 x 3.75 inches

Downloadable Chart - £2.25

The cross stitch lacemaker proved so popular that I was soon asked to create a blackwork version of the same design.

A quick project, she is ideal as a gift for a lacemaking friend or a lovely addition to your own craft room wall. I have also seen her stitched on the front of a sweatshirt with the help of waste canvas.

Mainly worked in black stranded cotton/floss her hat and apron have gold embellishments. Gold is also used for the thread on the bobbins and the bow in her hair. 

Blackwork Stitcher

Design size: 6 x 4 inches

Downloadable Chart - £2.25

The stitcher is another blackwork and cross stitch design, this time reversed. The bobbin lace pillow has been replaced with a stand and hooped fabric. She is sitting on a chair this time, 

Her patterned dress is highlighted with gold metallic stars, while the rest of the pattern is worked in black stranded cotton/floss.

The stand, hoop and chair consist of whole cross stitches. 

Mary - a lacemaker in sepia (1885)

Mary, the lacemaker, was based on a print of an 1885 original. Permission was kindly agreed by the Honiton Lace Shop in Devon, UK, for me to convert it into a cross stitch design. 

The result is a large project with even larger impact! The chart comes on 12 A4 pages plus a key. Please keep in mind that the downloadable cross stitch chart is a large file at just over 26mb.

She is worked in 8 shades of brown and cream DMC thread, with not a single backstich! No fractional stitches are used either.

Design size: 13.85 inches x 21.33 inches (35.2cm x 54.2cm)

Downloadable Chart - £6.99

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