Medieval blackwork kits and patterns

Available as downloadable charts and full blackwork kits, these two designs are suitable for beginners to this needlework technique. 

Blackwork Knight

Somehow the intricate looking patterns in blackwork kits seem perfect for a knight in shining armour. (We could all do with one of those, couldn't we?) I therefore picked a fill pattern that resembled chain mail for his attire. A touch of gold picks out details in his shield. 

This jousting knight astride his steed gives the opportunity to stitch the horse's finery. Additional gold stitching highlights the lining of the horse's garment. To add more sparkle gold beads decorate the centre of each "flower" on the horse's caparison (or ornamental cloth).

Some areas of the design are left empty while others use very closely stitched patterns, providing the needed contrast.

The border is decorated with fleur de lis in the corners, simple backstitched lines and rope twist. 

Diane shared her comments after stitching the Black Knight here. It was her first attempt at a blackwork design. 

Design size: 16.5 x 15 inches
42cm x 38cm

Instant Downloadable chart £5.00


Design size: 18 x 7.25 inches
45.7cm x 18.5cm

Simple enough for a beginner to stitch this demure medieval lady uses black stranded cotton/floss and gold metallic thread.

The pattern used for her overdress is the same as the one used in the blackwork pears lesson so you can practice it using my step by step instructions while producing a small design.

The under garment uses a pattern I have called arrows and diamonds. On my pattern library page here you will again find stitching guidelines to help you.

You can't see it in the photo, but her veil uses vertical running stitch lines to indicate the translucent fabric.

Instant Downloadable chart £5.00

 If you haven't tried blackwork kits before, you might like to check out my Blackwork for Beginners ebook which includes 8 small designs and full instructions for this needlework technique. With a little experience you will be able to tackle the Knight and his lady with confidence. 

Want full blackwork kits?

The two blackwork kits can be ordered direct from my manufacturer if you want everything in one package. The kits are fully inclusive and contain everything you need to stitch these designs, apart from scissors and an embroidery hoop.

The kits include either Aida 14 count or 28 count evenweave fabric, DMC embroidery floss and metallic thread, tapestry needle, beads (for the knight) and a printed chart so there is no need to order the downloadable pattern as well. The fabric is cut with plenty of extra to enable framing your finished blackwork kits. 

Please call 07526 136968 or 01566 781012 to order, as their website is currently being revamped. I will add a link to it as soon as possible.

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