Fantasy blackwork designs

Let your imagination free with these fantasy blackwork patterns which you can download directly to your device.

As this blackwork dragon has four legs, it is a Chinese beast, said to be a symbol of good luck, power and strength. Unlike western dragons, he is not aggressive, but benevolent.

The other mythological creature featured in my fantasy blackwork collection is the mermaid.

Some cultures think that mermaids are nasty and connected with shipwrecks and drowning, while others consider them as friendly and tell stories of them falling in love with humans. I like to think of Marina as belonging to the second group.

If you haven't tackled this technique before, you might like to download my ebook. Blackwork for Beginners to learn the basics.

Oriental Blackwork Dragon

Design size: 18.5 x 10.3 inches
47cm x 26cm (approx)

My son was born in the Chinese year of the dragon, so this blackwork design has special meaning to our family.

Designed in red and gold, it also looks splendid in green and gold. 

Just four different blackwork fill patterns complete this design. To create the shading to his belly and tail add extra stitches to the pattern to darken it.

Stitch the solid areas around his head in cross stitch, leaving his teeth and mouth blank for contrast.

Downloadable Chart £5.00

Marina - blackwork mermaid

Design size: 14.4 x 7.6 inches
36.5 x 19.3cm (approx)

Although it looks intricate, this fantasy blackwork mermaid's tail is easier to stitch than it may appear. You can stitch the base pattern across the complete area and then build up additional stitches to give the shaded effect to the front edge. 

Much of the effect comes from using randomly dyed threads for both the tail and seascape behind the mermaid. Add a little sparkle with vertical lines in silver metallic thread.

Only stitch the shadowed areas on her skin, to provide contrast to the tail and hair. 

The seascape behind her is framed with a border reminiscent of seashells.

Downloadable Chart £4.50

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