Where can I find Gold Work

by C.A.Parker

Why is there not much in the way of information on Gold Work available?

The Royal School of Needlework has a very pricy book but if you cannot have a quick look before you buy it could be a big waste of money.

A magazine based in Australia called "Inspirations", and a place called "Country Bumpkins", supply kits, graded as beginners. I am awaiting delivery.

Perhaps this type of stitching could be added soon!

Hope my question is interesting to some of you.

Yours sincerely, C Parker

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Here's the best place
by: Jason @ Gold work embroidery


I'm probably biased but there you go!

Many thanks
by: Christine

Dear Valerie and Yvonne,

Thanks for all your help.

I did buy a book on Amazon which is a great help.
I am now busy tracking essenstial equipment down.
It's just as well I am retired or I would never find the time, to devote to the detective work.

I have found www.goldenthreads.co.uk they seem to do most of what is needed.

Many thanks for your help,

Happy Stitching.

English Magazines
by: christine

Dear Yvonne,Many thanks for your comments.
I shall have to get myself a subscription.

However i think i shall stick to the English ones as i am still waiting for the Australian
Golden Pommegranate Kit, just been E-Mailed they are still awaiting supplies to make up the kit!!

Thank you for your interest,

Happy stitching to you,


English Magazines
by: Yvonne Whiteoak

There are two magazines which I get which often contain goldwork projects. Classic Stitches is one and they also do a goldwork class which you can access through the internet. Cost £25 and for a further £25 youi can buy all the supplies you need to complete it. I have done this and can thoroghly recommned. The other is Stitch with the Embroiderers Guild which is not jus for experienced embroiderers but often includes easy projects for beginners.

Yes but
by: Christine

Dear Valerie,

I have found a couple of places one of them Tanja Berlin, the other Country Bumpkin. Canada and Australia, would'nt it be nice to be able to buy
kits and the supplies HERE? in the UK with lots of lovely choice for all!
Happy stitching to all, Christine.

Gold Work
by: Valerie Kalyani

There is a wonderful Australian magazine that has a gold work project almost every month. It is called Embroidery Beading and Cross Stitch.

And if you go here,
Tanya Berlin has kits, ongoing instruction and critique of tour work if you bought the piece from her. She is a graduate of the Royal School of Needlework and carries all the supplies needed for gold work. Happy Stitching!

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