Identify embroidered items from Mexico or Central America

by Barbara Milton
(T or C, NM)

Part of one piece

Part of one piece

I purchased these in Hillsboro New Mexico several years ago. The lady told me they were from Mexico or Central America.

I can't read the letters. The embroidery appears to be done on woven yarn (see photos of back of piece.) The pieces are mounted onto maybe 1x2 boards by stapling all the way around the frame. I don't have a tape measure right now, but my guess is they are about 24x18.

11 photos of both pieces are available in this private photobucket album. There are no pictures other than these art pieces in this album.

If you have any information at all, I would be interested in hearing it.

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Fonqueta crewel
by: Claudia

You have a fine item of Fonqueta Crewel from Chia, Colombia. They raise sheep in the highlands and embroider woven wool fabric with dyed wool threads.

Spanish words
by: Anonymous

The words are Colombia, Chia and Fanquetá. Colombia, the name of a South American country, speaks for itself. The other two are proper names. They could be the names of the embroiderers or of the community where they came from.

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