Trying to find a stitch my grandmother used

by Janie

I'm trying to find a stitch my grandmother used in the 1940s. It looks like a square bird foot, or a comb with the some tynes (spaced out)going one way and then some going another way. Something like this _____l__l__l Then the long line again headed off into a slant. I can't find it in a book or on google, so far. My email address is

If you know this stitch, could you please tell me its name and how to do it? Thanks from Janie.

Dear Janie,

From your description I have two stitches in mind that it could be. One is feather stitch the other maidenhair stitch Both stitches were used a lot on crazy quilt seams. Do you have a photograph you could send in so I could help you further?

I will be adding both of these stitches to the site in due course, with instructions on how to do them.

Here is a picture of maidenhair stitch with french knots on the ends that I did on a crazy quilt postcard.



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vintage stitches
by: Janie

Thanks, Carol. I think it's a blanket stitch done in two directions. She also did a stitch that looks like birds feet or old rakes strung together. And a sort of vine with a chain stitch at all the ends, looking like a flower petal. I'm in the process of getting another computer and, hopefully, a camera that will take decent photos. When that happens, I will send one to you so you can see her stitches. They are beautiful. I've looked at so many sites online and can't find anything like them.

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