putting floss onto LR cards

I feel silly, but in order to get started, I must ask. I bought my floss (for cross stitch), bought a pack of cards, and I have had a nightmare with the floss. I took the paper labels of the end of 2 skeins, but ended up with a tangled mess shortly thereafter. Do I completely straighten each skein before cutting into lengths and attaching to the card?



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Using the LoRan system
by: Carol

I like to use the LoRan system of "pages" in a folder to keep my threads organized.

I take the skein, and a piece of hardboard or thick card stock, which is the same width as the length from the card to the outside edge of the folder. Then I pull one end out from the skein and start wrapping it around the board. Well the skein runs out then I cut the wrapped threads just once.

Keeping the threads folded in half I push the looped end through the hole in the LoRan card and then I pass the loose ends through the loop of thread.

All I need to do to use a strand of floss is to use my needle to loosen a single strand on the loop and pull it free carefully. All the rest of the thread remains neat and tidy, and untangled, on the card.

For more information about the LoRan system see the page on organizing embroidery floss.

re:winding DMC/ANC threads on cards
by: Phyllis in Georgia USA

I use those plastic (the large size) bobbin thread holders (they have a hole in the top side so if you wanted to put them on a 'ring' holder, you can). I am assuming the cards you are using, is basically the same type. Whenever you are winding your threads on the cards, be sure NOT to twist the strands and/or not wind them too tight. I have threads on the bobbins as well as filed in a little plastic bag (made especially for these skeins). You can also use those 'snack' sized plastic bags and just punch a hole on each side in the bottom and file those on the metal rings. I file my wound threads in a plastic see through box, purchased from the 'fishing dept' (best fit). Take one of your bobbins with you, to determine the size you need.

Putting floss onto cards
by: Yoyo

Personally I hate cards for this very reason, occasionally a skein will tangle up no matter what you do and it's just a nuisance to wind a bunch of cards. But if this is your chosen method then this is how to do it if you are using DMC: you will see a "short" paper end and a "longer" paper end. Do not remove the papers. Just hold the skein in your hand and find the loose thread at the LONG PAPER end. Gently pull on this loose end and it will come out of the skein, begin winding it onto the card. Pull more thread from the skein and wind on the card. And keep on winding, girl, you'll get it.

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