Switching from aida for the first time to linen/evenweave!

by Vicky
(UK, Derbyshire.)

I have seen the difference in the result of a picture when it is worked on linen/evenweave as opposed to Aida. I have replaced my 14 count Aida with 28 count evenweave and the assistant said don't forget to sew over 2 boxes on the evenweave - rather than the 1 box on aida.

Simple I thought, except it doesn't look right. 2 boxes or 8 holes on the evenweave isn't square and looks funny! Have I got the wrong end of the stick? I understand the need to stitch over 2 otherwise my picture would be miniscule and I would have to reduce all the amount of strands I would use. But 8 holes on the evenweave looks more of an oblong shape so the stitch looks funny.



Carol replies...

Well done on leaving your comfort zone and trying out evenweave fabric, Vicky. I have to agree with you that the appearance of a cross stitch design worked on evenweave is much nicer than the blockiness of an Aida background.

As you have mentioned, a 28 count fabric, worked over 2 fabric strands, would result in the same sized finished project as 14 count Aida.

I have a page on the site here...

cross stitch on evenweave

...which shows diagrams of how to work over 2 fabric threads.

I think there is some confusion over the 8 holes.

If you stick your needle in any hole in your evenweave fabric and then look at all the holes that surround it, those are the 8 holes you will use for each stitch. So there is one directly above the hole your needle is in, one directly below, one to the left and one to the right. Diagonally you also have four corner holes. So four plus four equals eight. You are not counting eight holes in one straight line.

Your stitches should turn out square, just like they would if you stitched over an Aida block.

I hope this helps.



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1 over 1 or 2 over 1 on 25 count aida
by: Charlotte

I am looking for the same answer. I am currently doing 2 over 1 and I am afraid that it will get very bulky. I don't know if 1 over 1 will be enough coverage. Help please. Thank you for your time.

25 count eaven weave
by: Jutta

just started a project on 25 count, the pattern does not specify over one thread or two

one is very tiny

pattern is 400 w and 565 h stitches
picture is 40.64cm w x 57.40cmh

i started in over one thread
is this correct?
thanks for your help

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