hardanger patterns on paper

by Jean
(Halifax ns Canada)

I want to do hardanger on paper and will use stitches only, no cutting out. Should I use embroidery cotton and can I use a small hardanger pattern to put on paper? I would appreciate your suggestions; make it in cloth and then put on paper for a card? thanks


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Some suggestions
by: Carol

I haven’t personally worked hardanger on paper, but I have worked on perforated paper before which may fit your purpose. Alternatively, you could work on fabric and mount in into or on to a card. The following two pages on the site may be of help to you…

Mount your work in an aperture card

I have also provided a free pattern for a hardanger card that could be stitched on fabric or perforated paper

If you are wanting to stitch on a paper without evenly spaced holes in it, then you would need to mark the required "holes" in some way. I would suggest first printing the pattern to the size you want your design to be or maybe reducing it on a photocopier. Then you could lay that on top of your paper and mark each "hole" with a pointed Chenille needle to provide a guide for the stitches. Keep the pattern to refer to as you work.

I would recommend using perle cotton rather than stranded cotton as you would need multiple stands of the latter and it would not lay as smoothly.

I would be interested in seeing your results if you give this a try.

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