Starting a class

by Vicky


I work in a primary school and would like to start a needlework class for 8-11 year olds an hour a week. I have limited experience (mainly my own from school) where do i start. I need it to be a 10 week course.

Cheers Vicky

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Class tips
by: Debbie Rice

The thicker threads are a good choice (you can also use plastic yarn needles instead of the poke/stick potential of regular needles) on big hole fabric is good or even start with plastic canvas and regular, cheap yarn. The yarn skeins are going to be much cheaper and work well on 6 to 11 count fabrics and with plastic needle. Even though practicing with those fabrics, I would have scraps of normal aida and regular embroidery floss skeins that I would explain stuff like separating strands, thread lengths, etc.

DMC has set up a mentor program at that is wonderful and has some print out completion certificates for students; instructions you have copyright permission to re-use and when you sign up you do get six free kits to use in class that include fabric, floss and needle. Signup ahead of time becasue they ship slow.

(I actually don't agree with some of DMCs beginner patterns they give you because of project sizes and number of thread colors but they are good to handout and nowadays having a printout with links to free patterns and websites with additional directions are appreciated by kids and knowing some safe websites by parents).

Watch how long a thread length they try to use; bring samples to class of not only the right stuff but things that can go wrong (like carrying a thread).

Try to have more than one pattern with similiar color schemes to give them a shot at something they will like. Or gear to an upcoming holiday or birthday present ( has some very good beginner directions and free pattern) Look for books of "motifs" "smalls" "bookmarks" "keytags" "one nighter" etc. Or small freebies a lot of websites post (check thread manufacturers like rainbow gallery and DMC websites as well as your favorite designers). Free patterns are one thing; you need permission before kitting or photocopying other copyrighted patterns even for class or non-profit use.

Do sit next to students (versus across from) when demonstrating or trying to help them stitch.

Starting a Class
by: Julie

Start with Binca (6ct) or you could go to 11ct Aida for older children but wouldn't advise anything else and Soft Cotton or Perle Cotton No 5.

Design an outline pattern rather like the outline of Blackwork say a flower or a simple shape like a heart.

Starting a class
by: Trudy

I'm not a teacher by profession, but if I were going to show some young people how to do needle work, I would find an easy cross stitch pattern with no more then 3-4 colors. Use 11 count Aida. Have a way for them to frame their work. Small embroidery hoops are inexpensive and make nice frames. Use a peice of felt to cover the back of their work. Good luck, and bless you.

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