Sprung hoops

Princess sprung embroidery hoop - vintage

Princess sprung embroidery hoop - vintage

I'm searching for sprung hoops. I hadn't realised how rare and unusual they were, until after I lost my grandmother's beautiful 8" Princess hoop.

After searching for a replacement, I now know that they are extremely rare. Does anyone else have an interest in these clever hoops?

I wonder why some enterprising person hasn't revived them as a product. Because there is no screw, there's nowhere for the thread to snag. The pressure of the spring was perfect - I never had a problem with the fabric being too thick or too thin. It was just a superb piece of equipment.

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Thanks for your work
by: Suella

Carol, I'm chuffed that you've learned to love these hoops. I still hope that I'll get hold of another one day. It's pretty expensive to buy from the US or UK. There must be some in Australia!

And I LOVE your chatelaine. It's given me such a perfect idea for my own, and a gift for my sewing daughters. Thanks so much.

I've done some research
by: Carol

I have to say I am intrigued as I have not seen this type of hoop before.

I have been doing some research and found the following article that you might find interesting...


I also just found one on sale on ebay, although it is only a five inch hoop...


If I find out any more I will add to this page.

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