Problem with where to start

16 years ago I made my first two blackwork patterns which happened to be your designs, I realised today:

1 Blackwork stitcher, 6"x4", Lacemaker with stand and hooped fabric, and
2 The Mischiefs -The sewing room, 9"x8.25"

Because they both turned out well my sister gave me a cross stitch design by Inglestone called Rosa, design no 404D, 8"x9.5". Designed to be made on evenweave,but I also bought Aida as easier to work on because instructions were limited on the reverse of the colour picture in the pack. However even on enlarging the design the fabric threads are very unclear and I have no idea where to start. I will try to upload a picture of this multicolour design; looking at it I wonder whether a simpler place to start would be to start at the base of the rose stem, which appears to be centred across the width ...

Can you advise as to how I go about it? And will Aida make a difference to the size? Inglestone appear to be no longer in business so I am unable to contact them.

I would very much appreciate any help or advice you can offer - I don't want to give up on this.

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Maybe not a counted design
by: Carol

Thank you for stitching my designs in the past. I am glad you were happy with the results.

My blackwork designs are all of the counted variety, where the stitches are worked over a certain number of fabric threads. This is normally a single Aida block or two linen threads.

I am not familiar with the Inglestone designs. From what I can tell of the photo you sent, it would appear that the method used is not counted.

Some designs will have a freestyle outline around the blackwork patterns, often done using chain or stem stitch. Others are entirely freestyle, with no counting involved at all.

These can be more difficult to stitch. Perhaps another visitor to the site will have a design from this company and may be able to help further.

Regarding your question about fabric. Many projects that
were designed to be stitched on evenweave can have Aida substituted instead. If the design states to work over two evenweave fabric threads, then you can half the "count" and work on an Aida with half that number. For example a 28 count evenweave can be replaced with a 14 count Aida.

With regards as to where to start, I would pick a section as close to the center as possible. Perhaps fold the chart or pattern in half both ways to try to find this if it is not printed on the instructions for you.

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