new to this-question about fraying

by Debra
(Pennsylvania, USA)

I'm getting ready to start my first "real" cross stitch project. I have the kit ordered and I'm chomping on the bit to receive it!

However, I would like to know before I begin...what is the best way to prepare the edges of the fabric, so that it doesn't fray?

This is rather a large project (for me, anyway), and as my leisure time to stitch is limited, it will probably take me a long time to finish.

Should I tape the edge, or stitch the edge, or glue the edge? What is the best way??


Carol replies...
All three of your suggestions are used by cross stitchers to prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying, Debra.

Personally I do not like to use tape. I find it leaves a sticky residue on the fabric when removed, and I ended up having to cut off the edge the time I did use it. That is OK if you have left extra allowance for that, but I hadn't!

I also do not like to use glue, but have used something called Fray Check before, which worked very well and I will use again.

If you have the time and a sewing machine available, then either turning over the edge and zig-zagging it in place, or just working a close zigzag stitch along the edge is perhaps the best way to prevent fraying, especially on large projects.

What you ultimately choose would also depend on the fabric you are using for the project. Aida is less likely to fray, for example, than an evenweave fabric.

All the best with your project.



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cross stitch first
by: Joanie

I'm also a cross stitcher. I also use fray check on all my stitching projects, be it embroidery or crewel work. It protects the fabric, it does not change the color of the fabric at all. Excellent product.

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