needlework frames that keep the fabric taut

by Gwen Hall
(Colonial Beach, Virginia)

Is there any scroll frame that holds the sides of the fabric?

I find that with a scroll frame, while the fabric can be tight, it always sags on the sides. I like a very taught fabric when cross stitching.

I use a Q-snap but when it comes to beading, the fabric cannot be held in a Q-snap.

I am about to do a project with lots of beading which I will do after everything else is finished but would love to find a scroll frame that had the side to side tightness of a Q-snap. Thanks.

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Millennium frame has drum tight tension
by: Amybeth

Hi, the Millennium frame from has drum tight tension. It also has a no sew method when attaching your needlework to the scroll frame. The frames are handmade by 1 man in Engĺand so there is a waiting time of at least 8-12 weeks. You need to pay in full before he sends your frame. The frame is worth the waiting time. It is very well made. I have had mine a year and love it.

Answer about velcro straps
by: Amy

If anyone is still looking for those velcro cord wrap straps - they are actually available at Walmart now. They are always in completely random areas of the store, most recently, I saw them in the craft section near zippers and velcro. (Eventhough that's not where they should be, since their purpose is to wrap electric cords.)
They had a rainbow package of 6 for about $4.

Side Clips for Scroll Frames
by: Anonymous

I bought some 'mitten clips' and stick on Velcro. Attaching the stiffer part of the Velcro around the side bars of the scroll frame, I attached the mitten clips to pieces of the other part of the Velcro (just remove a little of the backing so that only the part that is needed is sticky), and I have adjustable side clips to keep the fabric taut. For a narrower or wider piece of fabric, I can readjust the Velcro!

Recently I saw some Velcro electric cord holders which would be great for this - if I can find were to buy them!


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