Moldy needlepoint canvases

by Karen
(Northern New Jersey)

I bought a very large lot of handpainted needlepoint canvases on eBay and was very pleased with myself. Cost a fair amount, but I figured I could sell some of them and recoup what I'd laid out.

The box came today. I opened it and it was CLEAR by the way my throat closed up almost immediately that there was a ton of mold. I went through the canvases and culled out what I thought to be the culprits, but the rest of the canvases seem to have picked up the moldy smell. There is no way that I would ever use them, nor would I even think to resell them if I can't get them to smell un-moldy. None of the remaining canvases appear to actually *be* moldy; I think they smell because they were shipped together with the others.

Does anybody know a solution to this dilemma? Is there a way to get the rest of the canvases smelling ok or am I going to have to throw out the whole lot and learn my lesson (i.e., only frequent my local needlepoint store)? Help!

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stain on precious needlework art that was flooded
by: Help Needed

I need to get a mud stain off a needlework piece that was flooded in the recent Houston flooding. The piece is not mine so I want to be extra careful.

It was removed from the frame and backing board shortly after the house could be opened. It had so much mud on it that I had no choice but to soak it in a shallow baking pan with water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. I've also left it in a bright, sunny window.

The border fabric is discolored, but can be covered with matting and frame. However, there is one vertical line about 4 inches long that is in the middle of the photo. It is a stain from the dirty river water. Any clues what to do now? Thank you so much!!!

Same thing happened to me
by: Katrina

I bought a beautiful canvas and when it arrived it was undoubtedly damaged by water. The entire back was covered with mold and mildew as well as the paperboard. No wonder she didn't want to take it out of the frame and ship it to me. I agree negative feedback is the only way to stop this sort of thing.

There are a few needlepoint websites that offer suggestions for removing stains, etc. I may attempt to clean it but I am concerned because some of the yarn is black and may stain the surrounding areas

As my husband just reminded me, buyer beware.

Remove mold smell with sunlight
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

In my experience as an artist, the best solution is to leave the canvases where they can get lots of sun. Even in winter they could be in a room close to the windows to get the winter sunlight, if you get any.

Of course the stronger the sun, the better they will dry out and the smell should disappear. Make sure to face both the back and the front to the sun for at least a day each in full sun. If you can, leave them for several days in full sun on each side. If the mold smell has seeped into the wood it will take time for the sun to do its healing.

If they have any visible mold on them after that, wipe with a soft dry cloth - don't add any water or other liquid.

I hope this helps!

Moldy Needlepoint Canvases
by: Anonymous

Hi Karen, what a bummer! This was the subject of my first post here too. You are lucky that they only smell; mine was dotted with it. I was unable to remove the speckling but I figure if I leave it alone a long time and they do not increase in size I will know the mold has died and the canvas will be ok to use. I was successful at removing the odor. First I put it in the sink in warm, not hot, water and gave it a gentle scrubbing with a very soft brush and a bit of Dawn detergent. I dried it with a towel and then let it air-dry some more. Use a clothesline if you have one. Then I sprayed heavily on the back only with Fabreeze and left it on the line with the backside facing the sun. Good 'ole sunshine will help all by itself too. That did it. If you have a yard, you could try spreading them out face down on your lawn for a few hours.
You should contact the person you bought them from and request at least a partial refund. If you get unsatisfactory results, go back to EBay and mark them as an unsatisfactory seller! Protect your fellow stitchers from being ripped off. :>)Valerie

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