how do I become a better cross stitch designer?

by Catarina
(London, UK)

I have done cross stitch in the past, always enjoyed it.
Recently i have a growing interested in digital design (not my background either) and someday I thought about the possibility of creating cross stitch patterns.

After 2 months of researching and setting up a nice workflow (with my sister and cousin) we opened an Etsy shop to sell the patterns -

As you say there isn't formal education into developing cross stitch patterns so I always wondered:

- what makes a pattern successful?
- Am I missing something?
- What mistakes should I be avoiding in a pattern?
- Where could I learn how to make really appealing pattern?
- How to learn how to use backstitch (and other special stitches) to level up your pattern
- I am not from arts or graphic design - how can I came up with original designs?
- What is the best cross stitch software to use to produce realistic simulations and allow good creation of both original and converted designs? - I am using Winstitch, but not sure if produces the most realistic simulations.

I have stitched my first patterns which gave me a good ideas on how the pattern reflects into actual project. I got most of the dmc colour threads to not be deceived by screen colour.

I guess in general I am asking for guidance on how to become better.

Thanks for the opportunity to ask my questions


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by: Anonymous

I watched the YouTube videos and they helped a lot with Macstich and how to use it but I still get stuck. How did you learn. I’m stuck with software I can’t use.

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