Hardanger book draft links

Thank you to everyone who gave their input and ideas for last month's section of the new book. You were terrific, and I have implemented almost everything you suggested. 

I am reusing the same page here, for May/June, but you will find links to new pages to review, should you wish to help out further down. I have left the guidelines from before in place so that you have all the information you need if you weren't able to participate before. 


This is a special page for you, a subscriber to my newsletter Stitchin'Time, giving links to the draft pages of my new Hardanger book, as I write them.

My aim is to write a useful book for a stitcher new to Hardanger to learn this stunning embroidery technique.  Your feedback on what I have written so far will guide me as to where I need to elaborate or condense the information.

What type of comments am I looking for?

Please keep in mind that this is not really a proofreading exercise (although if you spot typos do please let me know), it is more a review of the content. You could comment on things like...

  • Is a section unnecessary - fluff, waffle or too personal for example?
  • Do you think more information on a certain paragraph or section is required?
  • Is there something that isn't explained in an easily understandable way?
  • Have I missed something totally, that you feel would be useful?
  • Are the diagrams clear enough? Does it need more photos?
  • Do you like a certain section? What resonated with you about that part?

How do you make comments?

Each section is on its own page for now. The links are below the form. 

When you go to a page you won't be able to edit the text, but if you are on a PC hover your mouse on the right side of a paragraph you will see a little widget pop up. Click on the widget, and you will then be able to tell me your name and make a comment. A coloured dot will appear below the paragraph letting me know there is a comment.

If you are using a mobile device you can swipe left or right on a paragraph to leave a comment. 

If you would like me to contact you about something please use the form below to let me know that you have made a comment, and the name you used when submitting it.  

You will find more guidelines and the links to the pages for reveiw, below the form. 

Have your say

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

How will I use your comments?

I promise to read every comment submitted. If I feel the point made is valid or if lots of people have the same or similar suggestions then I will act on it and alter what I have written. 

If you would like me to thank you personally in the final version of the book then I am more than happy to do so if you provide your real full name. If you would like to stay anonymous that is fine too.

The links you will need

The first set of pages that were reveiwed in February and March are here...

The second set...

The third group of pages...

And now Group 4

Please make any comments you feel would be useful.

As I implement changes, I will delete the comments that instigated them, although I will keep a note of them elsewhere. To see replies to your comments, please refresh your browser window. 

Thank you!

It's now time for me to give you a hearty Thank YOU, for your help and suggestions. My aim is to produce a book that will help you and other wannabe Hardanger stitchers to learn or perfect this type of embroidery. 

Whether you have never tried it before, or are an expert, I am grateful for your own viewpoint on the content I am creating. 

For all those who assist in this process, there will be a surprise bonus for you once the book is ready to be published. It's a surprise because I haven't yet decided what it will be.