Design Libraries in MacStitch and WinStitch

by Leolyn Osborn
(Worcester, MA U.S.)

Does the software allow you to create and save small design elements that can be pasted into a new design? As I see things that inspire me I create a grid copy on graph paper and save it in a physical album to be used later. I was hoping to find something that I could create in a software program and paste it into a new design. I often use these designs in multiple projects.

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Yes, you can save motifs for reuse
by: Carol Leather

Definitely! WinStitch and MacStitch both allow you to create motifs of small designs, that you can save and reuse in future designs, Leolyn.

It is super simple to save a small design as a motif. You would use the Select tool from the toolbar and drag it around the section you wish to save to your library. When you let go go the mouse a popup appears offering a number of options. One of these is "Save this area as a motif". The motif will be saved inside a folder called "Motifs", which you can further organise with sub folders.

To add a saved motif to a new design is also easy to do. On the left hand side of the screen there will be a Motifs button. Clicking on this, displays the Motif Organizer from which you can navigate to the motif you want to re-use in your current design. Once you have chosen the one you want, you just paste it in place.

The program also comes with a large number of motifs built in.

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