cleaning hardanger embroidery

My aunt made some lovely hardanger pieces for me but over the years they have become do i clean them without ruining them?

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Washing Hardanger
by: Anonymous

I wash mine in a washing machine and have never had any trouble. When your sewing technique is correct there is little chance of ruining it! I always sew on 100% linen. Linen is nearly indestructable!

Proper care of hardanger pieces
by: Dorothy

NEVER, NEVER put them in the washing machine or the dryer or you will ruin them...too many hours of work to do that.

Hand wash in a bowl of barely warm water with soap like Ivory Snow (in a box) or I have used Dawn liquid dish soap. Rinse well to make sure all soap is removed. Lay flat on towel and roll to remove the moisture. DO NOT WRING.

Fold a dry towel so there is some thickness there and lay the hardanger piece face down on the towel. Iron very gently and do not use a HOT iron. Move the iron continuously until the piece is completely dry. Ironing it face down makes the needlework stand out and does not flatten it.

They are usually treasured pieces so launder and iron them very carefully.

Cleaning Hardanger Embroidery
by: Ginny Gleason

Hardanger is fragile, the best way to wash it is with a mild soap as Ivory Snow.

Carefully put it in the water with the soap, gently push it around in the water. Depending on how soiled it is you may have to leave it there overnight.

If still soiled leave it in the water for several days. When clean, gently rinse it out, never wring out Hardanger. When just about dry, place on 2-3 layers of terry cloth towel and iron face down.

Cleaning Hardnger
by: Yvonne

If the pieces are cotton just wash normally in warm water using a pure soap detergent, roll in a clean light coloured, preferably white, towel until almst dry then iron, face down, on a fluffy towel. I have washed a fifty year old embroidered tablecloth in this was without any problem so I cannot see that Hardanger will be any different.

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