beginner at embroidery has some questions

by Tracy
(Leavenworth, WA)

I've never done embroidery before and am so interested in learning many things I wished I had been taught as a child.

I have bought the supplies and a simple pattern but I have some questions.

First, my project has some words on it - do i tie off after each letter or continue with the same thread? What is the process of tying off correctly so your project stays nice?

The same with the picture I'm outlining - when do I tie off, when Im done with the entire color in my project or after each little section? I'm not sure if it will bunch up if I use the same strand.

Thank you, Tracy

Carol answers...
It is never too late to learn, Tracy.

Embroidery is a wonderful past-time and I hope to encourage many people to try it through creating this web site.

You don't say whether your pattern is for free-style embroidery using different stitches, or whether it is a counted cross stitch design. Each of these types of needlework uses a different fabric or cloth, some of which are more "transparent" thank others.

If you are doing cross stitch on Aida fabric it is quite forgiving and will to some extent hide any loose threads that travel from letter to letter on the back of the work. Although I would still not advise carrying it too far!

If you are working on a fine silk or muslin cloth then any carried threads will show through from the right side of the work, so you want to avoid doing this if at all possible.

My page about embroidery floss gives tips on finishing off your threads, which may be helpful to you.

I would suggest fastening off the thread once you have completed an area of a color and there is no other section close by done in the same shade. This will avoid too much thread being carried across the back and reduce the possibility of the fabric puckering up.

I would love to see your embroidery project when it is completed. Again, well done to you for having a go.



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