Blackwork Designs featuring
Mischief the cat

A very popular series of blackwork designs that also feature silhouetted cross stitch characters. Mischief the cat gets into all sorts of trouble both upstairs where mistress is doing her embroidery, and downstairs in cook's domain.

Simple to stitch, using just a few blackwork fill patterns and areas of cross stitch in just one color these projects won't take you long to complete.

If you are new to blackwork you might like to get yourself a copy of my blackwork for beginners ebook.

If you love cats don't miss this pretty cat needle case worked in a combination of blackwork and Assisi work.

Mischief in the making

Our stitcher is engrossed and has not noticed the mouse by her feet. But Mischief has, and is about to pounce!

Just one blackwork pattern used here for the wallpaper. The rest of the picture is created with black cross stitch and the white fabric. Quick to stitch, but so effective.

Design size: 9 x 8.25 inches

Downloadable chart £2.50

Mischief in Store

In this design Mischief has gone downstairs to pester Cook in the kitchen, who will freak out if she notices the mouse in the pantry cupboard! Will Mischief catch it, or will it make it back to its mouse hole in safety?

Blackwork patterns are used here for the kitchen tiles on the wall, the cupboard doors, and the rag rug underfoot.

Design size: 7.6 x 6.4 inches

Downloadable chart £2.50

Mischief in the Air

In the last of this series of blackwork designs, Mischief has her eye on the bird, that mistress is feeding. Will he leap?

More blackwork patterns are used here - for the grass, bush, flowers and plants in the garden. It is almost like a little sampler.

Design size: 7.6 x 6.4 inches

Downloadable chart £2.50



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