Repair a mistake on hardanger

I found a 45 inch square harndanger table cloth in my archives that I started some 10-15 years ago. Now want to finish it but see why I stowed it away.

I have an area where I cut in the wrong place to do the picot stitch and have many areas that need to be repaired.

Is is possible to re-weave threads through that area, or cut the whole area out and weave in a new piece?

Need help. Jan in the northwood of Minnesota

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by: Lorraine

I had a square with blocks around it and accidentally cut 4 threads on the inside of it, instead of the outside the square. You can't really see the cut unless you pull apart but the square inside is about 3" long of thread that would need to be cut out and reweaved. I have tried on a scrap piece but it does not look good. Is it possible to just dab a bit of fabric glue to keep it together as I feel there is no other way around it? It is on a table runner and is near the end of it.

Re-weaving threads
by: Anonymous

I found this question while trying to find directions for how to fix a mistake I had made.

I cut out all of the vertical threads in a section, when I should have been cutting out only every other set of 4, leaving the rest for wrapped bars.

I fixed it by taking a needle and thread and weaving the thread through in place of the missing fabric threads. I ran the thread under the satin stitching below the section, and brought it up into the hole in the places where I'd cut the wrong threads, weaving it through the horizontal threads.

This wouldn't work unless you plan to wrap all of the threads you add back in - it looked pretty bad before I wrapped them, but looked great once I finished wrapping.

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