Sock monkey's eyes

I have made a sock monkey for my grandchild; she is only a year old. I would like to embroider the eyes on instead of button eyes since she is so young and puts everything in her mouth. My question is how do I start and stop a stitch if I can not get behind the fabric; the monkey is stuffed and all sewn together. If I put the knots on the outside I would think it would not be that attractive.Do you have any ideas that would help me make a pair of good looking sock monkey eyes.

Thank you

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For next time
by: Anonymous

I'm making a sock monkey right now, once before I made one for a young child and ran into the same problem this time I got smart. Do the eyes first!


I leave a couple of inches unsewn on the bottom of the mouth until I've finished embroidered the eyes. That way I can have my knots in the area under the mouth. It really helps!

Monkey eyes
by: Knitmosphere

You can see my sock monkey eyes at

I drew the yarn back and forth in a sort of block, then took a piece of yarn under the block, took the two ends and tied a knot. Looks like a bow.

Embroidered Eyes
by: Jan

I usually embroider the eyes before I finishe the monkey, but I have on occasion embroidered eyes on a completed monkey.

I take the needle in at an inconspicuous spot, such as behind the ear or at the back of the base of the neck. When I'm finished, I exit near the same spot and tie off the thread.

The knots are small and can be hidden with a ribbon or scarf tied around the neck.

Hope that helps.

You can drop by Sock Monkey Ranch to see examples of monkeys I've done with embroidered eyes.

Resident Grandma at Sock Monkey Ranch

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