Vicki’s Needlepoint stocking

by Vicki Watts
(Mint Hill, NC)

Someone has already started the needlepoint kit that I bought. However, they didn’t follow the instructions. It is on a blank mesh canvas. Instead of starting in the middle, she started at the top completing about 24 rows. Should I take out what she has done; should I count from the middle and hope it comes out even; or should I just continue on the way she has started.

Your advice will be much appreciated! Thank you…

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Nov 15, 2021
I would undo it and start over
by: Carol

My instinct is to start over in the center so you can be sure that the design will fit correctly on the canvas, Vicki. Personally, I would fret during the stitching process if I carried on where the previous stitcher left on. This may make me procrastinate and not complete the piece, which would be a shame.

Yes, it will take some time to unpick, but you would waste more time if you run out of room to complete the work.

The only thing that would concern me is the amount of yarn provided in the kit. If it states the brand/colour numbers, and you would therefore be able to purchase more, then this wouldn't be a problem.

Another way to get past the hurdle of the quantity of yarn would be to purchase enough to start over, even if the shades are slightly different.

This would be a very good move if all the stitching done so far uses one colour/shade. Even when buying another skein of the same colour there may be small differences in the dye lot, which could show in a solid area of stitching.

In the above situation, you could slowly transition to the new shade by using a strand of the old and a strand of the new in the needle at the same time (if the pattern calls for two strands of course).

I hope this helps, and at least gives you food for thought.


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