To use a hoop or bigger scroll/laptop frame?

I am new to needlepoint and am starting on an Ehrman 16 x 16" pillow. What kind of frame do I need to use? I am confused as to whether I need to get a scroll, laptop or something else. I have a hoop and don't know if that's adequate. Do you have any recommendations for me?

Thank you so much!

Carol responds...
A hoop is not usually used for needlepoint. They tend to be used for embroidery on fabric rather than canvas.

Traditional scroll frames or slate frames are more commonly used to hold canvas taut while you are working on it. If it is a large piece of work and you are planning on using textured stitches you may like to look at a floor standing frame so that you do not have to roll the work around the bars of a scroll frame.

Many floor frames are an attractive piece of furniture in their own right, and a piece of work in progress mounted in one can be a conversation piece when you have visitors.

If you do not have room for a floor stand, then a sit-on needlework frame will serve you well. You will need to purchase one which has the long bars wider than your piece of canvas. The side bars can be shorter.

When you are not actively working on the project it is wise to cover it with a cloth to keep it clean. We have a coal fire in our living room, which although cosy on a winter's night, can create a tremendous amount of dust, so a covering of some kind proves essential for me when working on a large item. Needlepoint is not usually washed when complete, unlike cross stitch, so keeping it clean is important.

Working on a frame, where the canvas is held straight and true has the benefit of not allowing the canvas threads to warp while stitching on it. It can be difficult to stretch a completed project if it has been 'skewed' by the tension of the stitches when being worked. Stitches that tend to be more problematic include those worked on the diagonal, especially tent stitch, when worked using the half cross stitch method.

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