Salvaging vintage needlepoint canvas

by Janet Amaral
(Yuba City CA)

I found a treasure trove from an estate. Two boxes stuffed with an assortment of high quality needlepoint canvases, some which appear to be hand-painted.

A few that look Jacobean to me, a couple of complete Erica Wilson crewel kits and a gem that appears to have been a kit from the gift shop of a museum.

My problem is most of them have ancient, crusty tape on the edges and have been folded, curled, and generally forgotten. No unpleasant odors (well, maybe a little whiff of something that reminds me of my granny) and no staining or spotting.

I want to uncurl and flatten these beauties but haven't a clue where to start. I estimate they are approximately 35 - 40 years old. Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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