Russian orthodox icon in Blackwork

by Catherine

Dear Carol! As you kindly invite your visitors to ask you questions on embroidery, I decided to cease seize this chance, as in Russia (where I'm from) and Norway (where I live now), there is no such experienced specialists on Blackwork.

So about my case:

I designed a chart for a Russian Orthodox icon for my Mom,, in blackwork. But as it turned out it is very unique (not the quality of the design itself, of course) on the concept – for in Russia so far existed no Blackwork patterns for icons, my friend advise me to sell the chart.

And if you are so kind to read my message, please take a look at the picture and make some critical comments as my friends believe it is perfect and they love me so much and they are unable to judge it objectively.

And one more practical question – with how many charts should I supply the design if I decide eventually to sell it:

1. One single chart with outlines and fill-in patterns all together;

2. A chart with outlines and cross-stitch and a chart with outlines and fill-ins;

3. A single chart with outlines and marked areas such as A, B, C and a list of fill-in patterns for the specified areas?

Now I'm working on The Vernicle (The Holy Face) and I also plan to do at least 2 patterns for popular Russian icons. And if you'd be so nice to estimate my work sensibly, it would prevent my of putting up for sale a work of dubious quality or would help me in working out good patterns.

Thank you for your attention!

Looking forward to get your answer!

Best regards,

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Blackwork collection "Russian Orthodox Icons"
by: Catherine Korosova

The finished work you can find at my Picassa web-album

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