Questions on Fixing an Old Quilt

by tj

I inherited an old family quilt from my mom which my paternal, maternal and Great-Grammas created/worked on, which makes it extra special for me. The cotton fabric has deteriorated (weak and wore out) around the edges and some of the embroidered animal shapes have rubbed away. I know absolutely nothing about embroidery. I do sew a lot which is perhaps why I was chosen. I want to leave the middle of it alone as it is still in good shape, but I am going to remove the entire row of blocks around the outside and replace them with as similar of material as possible.

However, the problem I am having is that short of walking into the store with the quilt and trying to match the type of thread originally used with that of the store choices, how do I decide which type of thread I need? Also, the needle....not sure what I would need there either. The patterns look fairly simple and I have read on the different kinds of stitches. I think I can do them eventually with some practice. The old needle marks still show the pattern of the animals so I will just follow them the best I can.

And now the hoop....which one would be the best type of a beginner? And if there is anything else you think I need but haven't mentioned, pls do. I thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to your response.


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