Photograph to cross stitch pattern

by Susan
(Culpeper, VA, USA)

typical window

typical window

I would like to convert photographs of the stained glass windows at my church into detailed cross stitch patterns. I took the pictures with my Nikon Coolpix camera (point and shoot) I do not own any software programs like Photoshop. I hope to be able to insert the photograph in a cross stitch pattern software and end up with a detailed chart that will reflect the beauty of the windows.

I want to use these photos in several ways but the main project is to arrange the pictures (or parts of the pictures) to form a 2-3 inch "picture frame" border that will frame a quote. The project was conceived because I expect that a few years from now our pastor will move on to other places and he has spoken often about how he loves the stained glass windows of the church. I want to put those windows in stitched formed so he may always look on them.

The each piece of glass is one color, there is a gradation of shades as the light shines through them. I would like the finished project to reflect this. I don't have the finances to buy photo shop software, but if a good cross stitch program will make up for the lack I really would like to do this. I am an excellent cross stitcher and have worked with embroidery design for 40 years. I stitch many of the Lavendar and Lace angels and love the way that thread can create a painting.
Any advise?

Susan at

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You are most welcome
by: Carol

You are most welcome, Susan.

You have given me a good idea for a page to add to the site. It won't happen immediately, though.

If you do decide to go with the software I recommended, don't forget that the software designer offers a discount if you order it from my page. :)

Photograph to cross stitch programs
by: Susan


Thank you. Your suggestions are helpful. I almost always stitch on 28, 32 or 36 count linen. Those are the gauges that give me the product I want. In trying to find a cross stitch program that might help me design my project I looked at reviews of the programs. Particularly Hobbyware Pattern maker cross stitch software Professional version. Many of the reviews seemed to indicate a use of Photo shop software as a starting place, and I knew I could not afford to purchase that. Your suggestion has given me other programs to look at. I am really excited about trying this out. I have yet to find examples on line that illustrated the software i.e. here is the photograph, here is the chart, here is the finished project. Thank you again

What a lovely idea!
by: Carol

Susan, I love your idea for creating the church stained glass windows in cross stitch for the pastor.

Yes, cross stitch software, such as WinStitch or MacStitch would be able to help you here.

A 3-inch wide border would not allow for a lot of detail, unless you are thinking of working over one thread on a 28 or 32 count linen? As you mention that you have done Lavender and Lace designs in the past, I will assume that you have the skills to work on a small scale such as this, as often the ladies faces are stitched in this manner on those designs.

You may want to limit the colors that the program uses to convert the image into a chart, or the resulting embroidery could look a little confusing.

Photoshop would not be an ideal program to use for this purposes, and the good news is that cross stitch software is a lot more economical that the Adobe software.

I hope this helps.


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