Pattern from photo

by Lisa
(Oklahoma )

Do you know how to make a blackwork pattern from a photo?

From Carol,

Lisa, I don't know of software that will do this automatically for you. Some programs will enable you to turn a photo into a cross-stitch design, but blackwork is different.

It would need to be done manually. First, choose the fill pattern you want to employ for a specific area and decide where you will add stitches to the base pattern to create denser shading.

Some areas you may wish to leave void of stitches to represent the lightest tones in the photo.

If you haven't had experience designing blackwork before, I suggest starting with a simple shape such as a cube.

Pick a base pattern to stitch over all three visible sides of the cube. Then place additional stitches between the existing ones to darken the other two sides, which would receive less light.

Once you are happy with your experiments, you can try something more realistic.

Jumping straight into a human portrait would be a real challenge, especially one with facial hair.

I hope this helps.


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