Needlepoint Threads and Mesh Size

by Leslie
(Saugerties, New York)

I'm Leslie and my favorite canvas to use is 10 mesh or 12 mesh mono needlepoint canvas. I know that today, those sizes are not the most popular.

I also know that there is quite a bit more variety of threads to use for needlepoint today than there were 50 years ago when I started needlepointing.

My question is, what thread sizes are most appropriate for use with size 10-12 mesh needlepoint canvas?

I love using 3-ply Persian yarn, being something of a classic needlepointer.

But for one needlepoint project that was hand painted on 10 mesh canvas by my husband, I'd like to use metallic and "shiny" threads. This is where I need help. Thank you very much for your help!

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