My first try

by Rhiana
(San Bernardino, California)

I know this is going to seem like a very simple question but the pattern I bought doesn't really say a whole lot.

I was going over the design and its saying to complete all the kloster blocks and satin stitches which I know how to do.

Then it says to cut the fabric... yeah I got cold feet at this point. Before I go that far I want to make sure I need to complete all the satin stitches first then go on to taking the plunge as it where.

I also have a question about "Twisted Bars" I have looked everywhere and I can't find anything on them.

I must say out of all the sites I have scoured this one has the best information by far. Love the diagrams by the way. Makes some things a lot easier for me to understand instead of hoping if I stare at the pattern long enough it will make sense to me.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Rhiana Rhoden

Carol answers ...

Firstly, thank you for your kind words about my site. I do try to make it easy to understand and use as many diagrams as I can to explain things. Its nice to know they are appreciated.

Now onto your questions.

You don't mention what size design you are working on Rhiana. If it is something small then, yes, I would advise you to do all the satin stitch motifs and kloster blocks first.

If however, it is something like a table cloth, then you can just do an area at a time. DO ENSURE that all the stitches around a cut area are worked before you being to cut. But if you have a cut area at each end of a long cloth, then you can complete each end in turn.

BEFORE YOU CUT - run your needle along the fabric thread from the beginning of one kloster block to the one opposite, across what will become an open area. This ensures that things line up correctly before you take hold of the scissors. If you are out of line, you still have time to undo and redo to ensure everything is then lined up. If you cut without double checking, and find you are a stitch out then you will have to do some emergency repairs!

A tip for cutting - you only cut at end of stitches, i.e. where they go down through the fabric - not along the sides of them ie. parallel with the stitches.

I will be doing a page on twisted bars (complete with diagrams) so I will leave that question for a while if I may.

Enjoy your hardanger.



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