I am a beginner in Needlepoint

by ofelia nascimento
(laval, quebec, canada)

I have two questions. I am a real newbie in needlepoint, although I do know how to do the basic stitches. I found a pre-stamped kit which includes the canvas, cotton thread (instead of wool)and a needle. I have begun the kit, but am puzzled by two things. When the drawing forms a very narrow line (like the branch of a plant), it does not always cross exactly in a manner that will allow me to make a basic needlepoint stitch. What stitch should I use in this case so that it flows easily and forms a branch and does not look squareish? Also, for example, if there is a lot of dark green in the stamped picture, do I do all the dark green first and then go onto the other colors? By way of an example if the green ends let's say at the end of the branch and there is pink on the flower, do I go onto the flower before doing anymore of the green in the picture. I am sorry if this sounds weird, but it is the best way I know how to explain it.
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Oct 08, 2009
I am a beginner in needlepoint
by: Valerie Kalyani

Sometimes when a design does not seem to flow enough to not look 'squarish' it is necessary to add a stitch. In a section of say, 4 stitches square, a branch has stitches in the top right & bottom left of the four, you may need to choose one of the remaining two to stitch as well for continuity.

Also, it may seem as you are stitching that it seems a little awkward looking. I find putting it down and stepping a few feet away and looking again will make me realize it is actually alright and merely how close my eyes are to the work that made it appear adjustments were needed. I have 'fixed' something only to quickly see I should not have!

I usually stitch things on the canvas that are distinct, like a flower and then fill in the background. If you stitch too much of your most-used colour, you may find motifs look incomplete because you have done too much background.

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