Hardanger apron

by Amy Martinson
(Fort Collins, CO)

My Grandmother’s

My Grandmother’s

It was my grandmother’s! Just got it after my Dad died going through his things. Found in a small desk his Grandfather made in Norway. It’s definitely Hardanger, but never seen one with a top on an apron. Beautiful! ❤️

My friend in Norway has never seen it like this before, either. So she said to put a long dark dress under it, not use with a Bunad. No way am I taking it apart. I’m hoping my niece will wear it for her confirmation in 3 years. I have a Festdrakt and my Mom has a Bunad, from gudbrandsdalen Norway area. If not, I’ll take it to Sons of Norway to show off.

Also how do we preserve it? It’s in a plastic bag inside the small wooden desk. Maybe wash it and then have a dry cleaner place in a box like baptismal gowns or wedding dresses? Thank you!

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