Flexi hoop as frame?

I have a vintage tea towel that has an embroidered kitty cooking a fish in a frying pan, and I want to frame just the image. But I've not been able to find the right size in a wooden hoop, so I think it's not a standard size? Also it's an oval frame needed, and they seem to be hard to find as well.

I was able to find it only in a flexi-hoop (inside measure of approx: 9-1/2" x 7-1/2"). But it doesn't have the screw adjusters and I can't figure out how to keep the cloth in place and/or taut while trying to snap the two hoops together. It just slides around.

So is there a method to doing this or is it just not possible? Thanx for any advice!

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The screw is only for hanging
by: Carol

Normally with a plastic flexi hoop the screw is only for hanging the finished piece. Unlike a wooden hoop, it is not fior tightening the fabric.

What I do when using one of these hoops for framing something is to ensure there is enough fabric to tuck into the back to help secure it in place.

Lay the inside hoop on a flat surface, lay the fabric on top and then push the outer hoop down firmly. This is often easier said than done! It is quite tricky to get it on at times.

Then gather the remaining fabric into a tidy bunch inside the back of the hoop. Another piece of fabric can be cut to fit the back of the hoop and stitched (or stuck) in place to cover the back.

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