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Finished product
by: Chloë

Thanks. I couldn't add a photo to this page so I had to start a new topic to show the finished product. Mum helped me sew it into a cushion cover. You can see it here.


Finishing a piece
by: Joan

My sister has just begun netdarning and she has finished her piece with what looked like a blanket or button-hole stitch all around. It certainly looked effective as I'm sure yours will too. good luck.

Thank you...and a couple more questions?
by: Chloe

Thanks for your reply, it is greatly appreciated!

Nan usually sews around the edges and makes them into doilies. I don't know the type of stitch though, or how to do it. I think it was buttonhole or blanket stitch? She has a few framed around the house.

Because of her vision problems I'd prefer to make this something she can feel and use rather than framing it. She can see things at peculiar angles and sees high contrast better than similar colours together, but she'll be able to appreciate it a lot more if she can feel it. So I was thinking of making it into a cushion cover - using a really dark (maybe wine red) fabric and having the lace over the front panel. My mum can help me sew the cover (I am an utter beginner when it comes to machine sewing). So with the machine netting would it work to just tack it on to the front panel of the cover and then sew it in around the edges as we sew the cover together? I wouldn't need to do the buttonhole/blanket stitch border? I thought then maybe I could put in a couple of discreet stictches by hand around the edges and middle of the actual design, to hold it in place better.

As I said I am an utter beginner with machine sewing. So I really don't have a clue if that would work or even makes sense.

Thanks again for your advice!

Finishing Fillet Lace
by: Valerie Kalyani

I did this lace net darning many years ago. The machine made netting is easy to finish. You can sew on a trim or lace around it, crochet an edging, or the poplar way in the 70s was to put it in an embroidery hoop and glue lace around the edge and hang on the wall.

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