Fastening off threads when using a large standing embroidery frame

by Helen
(Staffs, UK)

I recently bought a 3ft scroll frame on a stand to enable me to work on larger projects. I wondered if you have any tips or advice on using such a large frame, or working on large projects. I'm finding it frustrating to keep unscrewing the nuts to flip the work over to finish off the ends, because of the size of it. I've tried finishing the thread on the right side but I wasn't pleased with the result. Do I just have to get out of my lazy habits, or or is there an easier way to do this?

Kind regards


Carol replies...

Firstly, no you are not being lazy, by not wanting to keep turning the frame over to fasten off the ends, Helen.

What I tend to do, is to bring the loose end of the thread up to the surface, someway away from where I will be working and then unthread the needle, leaving the end dangling on the right side of the work. I then continue onto the next part of the stitching, with a new thread.

When I have a few dangling threads I will the turn the frame over and tackle fastening off .

I just pull the loose end through to the back and fasten it off.

Sometimes you will find that you have stitched across the loose thread already with another colour, which is great if everything looks tidy and the thread does not show through on the front.

If necessary I will gently pull the loose end out from under any stitches that were worked over it, and rethread it under different stitches, where it is less visible. I try to end light coloured threads under light coloured stitches and dark under dark if possible.

Doing the fastening off in this manner means I have to turn the frame over less times. I would suggest trying it to see if it works for you, Helen.



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